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Nowadays every business wants to sell online, this is possible with a marketplace (Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho &, etc.) or with their own eCommerce website.
But it is very costly to make a fully functional eCommerce environment line website/App and apart from this, an online business required more attention and functionality.
At that point, we come to help businesses. We provide ideas most affordable and easy eCommerce solutions. With our solution, a small business can come online at the lowest at 3000rs and also can and required functionals.
The Solution:
We provide a professional eCommerce website at 3000 rs with 1-month of technical support (Support can be increased).


  • Professional Ecommerce
  • Product Management
  • Professional Billing
  • Customer Management
  • Coupon Code System
  • Discounting System
  • Wallet System
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Transactional SMS Setup
  • Email Billing & Marketing
  • Google Site kit
  • OTP Login
  • Point of Sale
  • Dedicated App
  • Advanced Report Type
  • Shipping Service Add-on

Features Details

Professional Ecommerce:

Starting an online business professional looking and good experience website is the most important factor for a business to grow.

Here we bring you your most sought-after e-commerce solutions.

Key points of our eCommerce solution:

  • Affordable
  • affordable
  • best User experience
  • full function backend
  • all required functionality to run an eCommerce business
  • fast and smooth experience
  • easy to use
  • have lots of adorn

Dummy Examples:


Product Management:

Product management is one of the crucial point of an eCommerce business. Or eCommerce solution have a good and easy system to manage product.

Key points of Product Management:

  • Stock Management
  • Category
  • Tag
  • Attributes
  • Import Product Using excel
  • Product export
  • Product filters
  • Different product types
    • Single product
    • Variable product
    • External & affiliate product
    • Digital & Downloadable product

Professional Billing:

Professional billing gives a good indication of your business in the mind of your customer.

After making an order, your customer can download the bill from the account section of the site as well as a copy of the bill is sent to the customer's mail.

View sample bill: View

Customer Management:

Customer Management is one of the basic functionality of over e-commerce solution. You can see all customer details in one place and also you can see daily or monthly reports of customers like how many customers making orders or how many new customers visit your site/register on your site. you can also see customers' details like their profile, address, building history, etc. making decisions on your business.

You can filter customers according to your reference and also can download excel reports of your customers and their data.

Coupon Code System:

In the coupon code system, you can create coupons for festivals, sales, or newly registered customer customers. You can also set parameters in the coupon code such as which product or category the coupon code will be applicable to and the minimum order amount required to apply the coupon code.

And also, you can see the graphical representation of coupon codes on behalf of their uses.

Wallet System:

A wallet system is one of the best ways to give benefits to your customers like Cashback, Referral bonus, Sign Up bonus, etc.

You can see all customer's wallet balance and their transactional report of wallet balances also you can add or deduct the balance from their wallet. You can set parameters on the wallet balance uses, like minimum order amount to use wallet balance.

Transactional SMS Setup:

Transactional SMS is a way to notify your customer about their purchase and order updates. When users make a purchase from your site, SMS is automatically sent to their phone number.

SMS keep updating the customer on their order status.

Email Billing & Marketing:

Email marketing add-on works with the popular Email marketing tool Mailchimp. Through email marketing, you can send promotional emails, transactional emails, etc.

Email Billing Sample: View

Google Analytics:

Google Site kit connects your site with Google’s most popular tools like Google analytics, Search Console, etc.

With this, you can manage your site performance and improve our product ranking on google.

OTP Login:

Through OTP login customers can log in and signup through their mobile number.

This method has two- major benefits:

First, your customer easily logs in & signup up for your site.

Second, you have customer's mobile number, you can use it for marketing.

Point of Sale:

For that business that also operates in the offline market, POS is a very useful tool. With POS you can create online orders on behalf of customers like supermarket.

Dedicated App:

It costs a lot to build a mobile app. Small eCommerce businesses cannot afford a mobile app.

We provide the most affordable solution to small eCommerce operators to convert their site into a mobile app with all standard functionalities.

Mobile App Demo:

Advanced Report Type:

The report is the basic requirement of any eCommerce business. Because it helps to study business behalf of that we can plan business strategy and grow exponentially.

That's what we provide best and wide report functionality with the site, so you can grow your business.

Reports also be downloaded and analysis on excel

Key points of Product Management:

  • Order Report
  • Sales by date
  • Sales by product
  • Sales by category
  • Coupons by date
  • Customer Porches Reposts
  • Stock Report


Shipping Service Add-on:

eCommerce business one of the most difficult part is handling orders shipment. That’s why we provide one of the best shipping service add-ons with our eCommerce solution which is ship rocket. You can easily manage order shipment with Shiprocket.

Our Proposed Estimated

Product/ServiceEstimated cost in ₹
Professional Ecommerce7000 /-
Advanced Report TypeFree
Product ManagementFree
Professional Billing1000 /-
Customer ManagementFree
Coupon Code System1000 /-
Discounting System1000 /-
Wallet System1000 /-
Transactional SMS Setup1000 /-
Email Billing & MarketingFree
Google Site kitFree
OTP Login3000 /-
Point of Sale1500 /-
Shipping Service Add-on1500 /-
Dedicated App5000 /-

Dedicated App

Product/Service Estimated cost in ₹
Web App
Play Store Setup
Push Notification
All Basic Requirements of Web App
Total 5000 /-
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